Kamil Idris: Intellectual Property Scuffles may Slow Globalization

Globalization is steadily changing the face and decorum of Global development because technology has bridged the gap between the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd world nations. Technology has made the playing field balanced and evenly matched the terms of engagement between all nations on the globe. However, attached to globalization are new challenges regarding the crediting of new ideas and innovations. Nations are now fighting over patents and ownership of groundbreaking ideas that would profit and improve the life of the owner. Professor Kamil Idris says that the logical answer to these new digital era disputes is comprehensive Intellectual property laws.


Patent Fights

The professor, who is a former director of the World Intellectual Property Organization, adds that more and more patents are being submitted and a string of patent fights between nations have emerged. Kamil Idris says that having thorough, all-inclusive and broad Intellectual Property Rights will allow the bona fide creator of an idea sell his/her innovation in the industrial level and benefit from all the proceeds of the product. This will strike a balance and reduce brain drain where countries with larger economical muscles buy off patents on inventions from the economically disadvantaged countries.


Way to go

Professor Kamil Idris agrees that privacy issues which are relatively new to everyone in the world have hindered the application of Intellectual Property Rights regulations. Subjects like backlogs and counter fitting lack an explicit formula to curtail them making the deployment of the property rights laws more vague and confusing. Idris says this is an issue that is derailing technology development and its application even in the developing world.


Professor Kamil says that The World Trade Organization (WTO) should direct more effort to the implementation of the WIPO Phonograms and Performances Treaty and the WIPO Copyright Treaty. During his tenure, Kamil highlighted these issues in World Intellectual Property Day. He is optimistic that WTO has the potential to restore sanity and establish a new order and set regulations that will solve these challenges. He says the issues need to be addressed urgently so that they do not slow globalization but rather fuel it.


More about Kamil Idris

He was born on August 26 in the year 1954 in Sudan, Africa. He is a scholar who has served Sudan as a civil servant and also held international positions. He served as the Director of World Intellectual Property Organization for more than a decade running from 1997 to 2008. He attended Khartoum University in Sudan and holds a Bachelors of Law from the University. He ran for president of Sudan in 2010 as an independent candidate.



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