Kander Makes Move For Possible Presidential Run

Jason Kander isn’t a well-known figure to most Americans, but his reputation is growing among liberal activists. Jason Kander is the former secretary of state of the state of Missouri. He ran for the United States Senate against incumbent Roy Blunt in 2016. Kander failed in his Senate bid, but his style and message impressed many liberal Democrats.

After the Senate campaign was over, Kander founded a group called Let America Vote. This group has led efforts against what they see as restrictions on voting rights within the United States. The group has tried to combat such things as voter identification laws in the country.

In these efforts, Jason Kander has been very vocal in this opposition to President Trump and those who support Trump’s efforts in voting laws such as Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Kander’s name is definitely on the rise in Democratic Party circles. Some believe he may run for president in 2020.

The speculation about Jason Kander running for president became more pronounced as Kander has hired Jason Noble of the Des Moines Register newspaper to work as his communications director. This is notable for two reasons. Noble is very experienced in the Iowa political scene. The Iowa Caucus is the first contest in the 2020 presidential race. Whichever candidate can gain an advantage in that contest could see there fortunes rise heading into the first primary in the state of New Hampshire.

In order for Kander to have a shot at the nomination, he will have to gain much more exposure before the Iowa caucus. Many major players in the Democratic Party are expected to run in 2020. However, in 1976, some of the most well-known Democratic Party senators ran for the nomination, and they all lost to the little known Jimmy Carter who went on to win the nomination and become president.

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