Kate Hudson and Fabletics Finds a Formula to Compete with Amazon

Amazon is the biggest and most powerful retail company on the internet. This company has surpassed Wal Mart as the world’s number one retailer back in March of 2017. The company’s ability to dominate the world of internet merchandise and product sales is mind blowing. Any company or person that desires to start an online business must seriously consider Amazon.


Chances are, this company already markets what an upstart is trying to sell. Amazon has literally killed businesses before they even got started because they can afford to outsell them at lower prices. That is one of Amazon’s strong points that very few businesses can match.


Actress Kate Hudson understands this point. When she and her other Fabletics co-founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, decided to start their athleisure wear business; they realized that Amazon was going to be a tough competitor for their organization.


Kate and her co-founders had to figure out a way to beat Amazon in terms of sales. They knew that they could not undersell them and still survive as a company. The three co-founders then realized that they had to beat Amazon by making their merchandise exclusive and by providing quality care to their customers and the average consumer.


Fabletics is all about membership. When a person decides to make a purchase from Fabletics they must sign up to become a member. This membership provides exclusivity to Fabletics merchandise and it also provides discounts. Can a person purchase some items from Fabletics without becoming a member? Absolutely. Fabletics does not discriminate against anyone who is willing to pay for their merchandise.


However, the membership just gives customers more perks. These benefits include a tailored made wardrobe based off of athletic and casual wear preferences. Membership customers will also be the first individuals to preview new looks, trends and styles offered by Fabletics. Members will also get special credits and they will receive discounts when available.


Another great benefit of Fabletics is its reverse showroom process. People who travel to a Fabletics store to try on merchandise will have every item that they are evaluating placed into an online shopping cart. Whether a customer purchases these items or not; Fabletics will use the information from their online shopping cart to provide them more clothing items that are best suited for them.


Once again, Fabletics makes it appoint to let the customer know that they matter. They go out of this way to prove this point. This is how Fabletics have grown into a $250 million-dollar organization since they first started. Fabletic stores are spread out across the U.S. within key areas.


There is one in Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Charlotte and Salt Lake City. If Fabletics can continue its success, it will truly become one of the most competitive online retailers by the year 2020.



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