Kate Hudson Talks About Fabletics

Kate Hudson, actress and daughter of Goldie Hawn, is the co-founder of the athletic line of sports wear, Fabletics. The company sells a line of sports bras, shorts, and leggings.
Hudson recently talked about what inspired her to create the line. She said she had always been a fitness buff. So she wanted to come up with a line of products that would be versatile and affordably priced under one hundred dollars. An example is a legging you can work out in or pair with boots and go out on the town.
Hudson, like other women, sometimes finds it hard to stay motivated when it comes to her workout routine. She says having a personal trainer helps her keep going through the times she would be tempted to slack off.
Hudson comes from a family of creative people. but they also have a background in athletic endeavors, Her mother is a dancer. Her father played baseball, her brother hockey. Hudson dances and played soccer. So maybe she was destined to be a creator of an athletic wear line.
Hudson says there are pieces in her line that will match up with any body type. Hudson’s favorites from the line are the seamless sports bra, and the multiple strap sports bra. She also likes the snakeskin leggings. She insisted that all the leggings squeeze the butt up and in.
Hudson says that once you become motivated enough to workout regularly, you can find the activity that suits you the most, and you will stick with even with the pressures of every day life tries to pull you away.
Just Fab CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler founded Fabletics with Kate Hudson in order to fill the gap in the active wear market. There was plenty of high end stuff, but not so much for stylish and affordable items that a larger share of the market could easily purchase.
Fabletics launched in October 2013. By July 2014 the company had expanded its reach to the UK, Germany. and France. Canada came on board in September 2014. The one million orders shipped mark came in January 2015.

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