Koch doesn’t see great value in Republican Field

If an interview the Charles Koch had with The Financial Times is any sign, then Charles Koch has serious doubts about the entire field of Republican candidates for President. As quoted in a New York Times article on the event, Charles indicated that he does not feel as if the topics that he is concerned and passionate about are being addressed by the major candidates.

Charles Koch and his brother David have long been a major funding source for the Republican party and have previously stated that they planned to give $900 million during the 2016 elections, a major portion of which may towards smaller candidates. Charles Koch is currently the chairman of Koch Industries a major company with a variety of industrial holdings in diverse fields such as manufacturing and chemical production, as well as financing and even pipelines. The brothers have long been involved in many conservative causes and support the US constitution, keeping a small and efficient government, and lower taxes as well as hands off economy.

The current front runner in the Republican presidential field is Donald Trump who is a billionaire real estate investor and developer. Trumps quotes regarding removing Muslims from the United States seem particularly troublesome for Koch as he believes that this will “destroy our free society” and feed into those who will take away freedom. Koch believes you have to defend the freedom of all people in order to ensure that you have your own freedom.

Koch also made comments against Ted Cruz’s foreign policy and plan to “carpet bomb” the Islamic State (ISIS) into submission as it wouldn’t address the underlying problems and the United States would have to visit many other Muslim nations to repeat the same process in order to get them under control. Further, this would drum up further support for ISIS in Muslim communities.

While Koch still seems committed to making contributions through his network of Super PACs towards politicians who have the same beliefs that he does, he doesn’t believe that he will be getting the right bang for his buck with money invested. Some politicians like Trump criticize Super Pacs and believe that it leaves politicians beholden to their large donors, but Koch has a gripe with this opinion and doesn’t believe that the mocking that Trump has done in public is true. Koch indicated that fellow donors and himself simply give candidates lists of important issues and let them decide what the best course of action is.

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