Learn How To Sell A House Faster With Expert Help From Greg Hague

Real estate agents, buyers and sellers have all been involved in the process of selling a house over the years. This process is a fairly simple one. The homeowner puts the house on the market. The agent does things such as holding an open house. Potential buyers look inside and then make judgments about the house. If they like the house, they offer a bid for it. In the meantime, the house may sit on the market while the seller possibly faces a fiscal crisis because they are unable to sell the house or must sell the house at a lower price than anticipated.

Real estate professional Greg Hague aims to shake up this process and make it work better for all concerned. Hague knows that using the traditional method may not benefit the home seller at all. The seller may face a house that sits on the market for months and attracts very little attention from buyers. When buyers realize the house has been sitting on the market for a longer period of time, they may be reluctant to offer a price for it that the seller wants. This process is the traditional one that has been followed in our society for many decades. Hague sees this process as a deeply flawed process that does not help buyers and seller connect well.

In an article for Forbes Magazine, he talks at length about his own view of how best to make sure that a house can sell for a better price and enable the buyer to feel very excited about buying it at the same time. His new company, Real Estate Mavericks, wants to coach real estate agents and sellers a better way to sell houses. In his view, the standard way of selling houses just does not work anymore. A house that sits on the market may be one that forces the seller to practically give it away.

He wants to sellers and reel estate agents to consider another way to do business instead, a way that helps both parties feel as if they have gotten the best from any deal. He argues that real estate agents need to be proactive when they sell a house. They need to think about bringing in buyers even before the homeowner places the house on the market. Rather than pushing the house into the local MLS, he tells agents to help excitement build beforehand in order to make the house appear even more desirable. The agent should offer the property only to a select group of agents who can bring buyers to the property who are highly motivated and very happy to see a property before other people can see it.

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