Liberal Democrats Hope To Flip House Seat Controlled By Republicans For Decades

One of the most watched special elections in the nation is just about a month away, and liberal Democrats see a chance to flip a seat in the U.S. House from Republican to Democrat.

Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District is up for grabs after Republican Congressman Tim Murphy resigned in scandal last year.

Now Democrats are getting behind Conor Lamb, a former U.S. Marine Corps officer and U.S. Assistant District Attorney, who is running for the vacant seat. His competition is Rick Saccone, a Republican state-level lawmaker for Pennsylvania and a strong Trump supporter.

Democrats like their chances of getting Conor Lamb elected even though this southwest corner of the Key Stone State has been safe and solid solid Republican territory for decades. Donald Trump trounced Hillary Clinton here in the 2016 presidential election. Clinton managed just 38% of the vote.

But Lamb has recently gotten some major financial backing from a big ticket political action committee (PAC) that was instrumental in the recent special election defeat of another Republican, Roy Moore of Alabama. The PAC is called End Citizens United. It is a group focused on getting big money out of politics. It backs Democrats almost exclusively. It’s endorsing Lamb because he has vowed to take on what liberal and Democrats consider a political system rigged by large cash donations from giant corporations and billionaires.

Democrats are extremely focused on flipping the U.S. House in the 2018 midterm elections. Scoring an early victory in Pennsylvania’s 18th District March 13 special election would be a head start. They need to win 24 races over Republicans to take command of the Lower House.

Conor Lamb is seen as a fresh face in politics. Young and handsome, Democrats think he plays well off of the older and more politically entrenched Rick Saccone.

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