Liberal Politics: Bernie Sanders Wants to Speak For The Left

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont recently revealed he intends to deliver an address responding to the President’s State of the Union message on Tuesday. The lawmaker, a democratic socialist who unsuccessfully sought the Democrat’s nomination during the 2016 primaries, plans to employ high tech means to express his views. He will use social media to help him deliver a rebuttal to President Trump.

Not Representing Democrats

Senator Sanders will deliver his remarks apart from those of Democrats. Party leaders chose liberal Congressman Joseph Kennedy of Massachusetts to deliver their official televised response to the President. Both the Senator and the Congressman plan to deliver responses to President Trump independently.

Predicting Silence

Senator Sanders recently issued a brief statement letting his supporters know which issues he thinks President Trump won’t wish to cover during his first State of the Union address. The Senator assured the public he did not believe President Trump will apologize for numerous “lies” he told Americans during his first year in office. The Senator from Vermont accused the President of “selling out” the interests of blue collar workers to “the billionaire class” and “Wall Street”.

A Second Separate Response From Democrats

Democrats also issued a response to President Trump’s Inaugural Address last year and Senator Sanders presented his own separate address at that time. Last year, he implored his followers to continue to “push back” against the President and the Trump Administration. His speech on Tuesday will likely continue that refrain.

Another Presidential Race?

Senator Sanders appeared yesterday on Face The Nation. An interviewer questioned him about rumors he may launch another presidential bid in 2020. The Senator from Vermont declined to reveal whether he would consider running for the presidency again in the future.

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