Lime Crime Cosmetics: Look Your Best, Look Different

Want to look your best but stand out in the crowd? Want to turn heads wherever you go? Want to be the IT girl? Girls, if you are going to take a long time preparing for a night in the town, at least make it worth its while! So, this article is here to help you look different and achieve the best look possible. Lime Crime makeup cosmetics is the way to do it!
A woman you should bow to is Doe Deere. With her outstanding ideas, your dream of being the IT girl will come true in a second (or however long it takes you to prepare for a night out). Doe is a founder and a CEO of the marvelous Lime Crime makeup company you will learn to adore, and here are some reasons why.
The founder’s task is to show all the women around the world that makeup is not here just to hide your imperfections, but to embrace your perfection and be free spirited and confident!
Lime crime isn’t just any makeup. You have to understand every single product and what it means to you. One tip you should take from Doe in order to understand the magnificence of Lime Crime is that beauty is not about what looks best but about what you feel. Embrace it and show the world how you feel through your makeup. Doe launched her ideas of the “beauty kingdom” to the world in 2008, making it instantly a better place!
These girl’s ideas went worldwide from her first launch up until now. Lime crime cosmetics has the most wanted makeup products today, and Doe has made a huge success with it. Women all around the world have understood her and supported her globally. She has given them a bold, unique, vibrant and intensely pigmented line of outstanding cosmetics.
If you girls were wondering about how Lime Crime got its name, I’ll tell you! It was from Doe’s favorite color.
Full of confidence, Doe says that her lipsticks, nail polishes, and eyeshadows are so vivid and bright that they should be announced illegal. This is something you can’t possibly argue with!
Meet some of the ravishing products to die for
One of the most popular Lime Crime products at is the marvelous Velvetines palette. Precious Velvetines contain various liquid lipsticks with a matte velvet finish with an amazing chocolate smell. They are truly long-lasting and easy to apply – one swipe and you’re good to go! See how many heads your luscious lips will turn tonight!

Another remarkable product is the breathtaking Venus palette of beautiful eyeshadows. Fun fact – it was the Botticelli’s painting that it got its name after.
This palette is also called Thee Grunge Palette simply because all the colors remind so much of the famous makeup and grunge style in the ‘90s. So, if you ever want to check out if this may be one of your looks, this is the palette for you!

The shades in the palette are very pigmented, which enables you to blend with ease. This palette is an absolute must-have. Just take a moment to imagine yourself wearing some grungy eyeshadows blended with some bright ones from the palette to your favorite night club. Single? Not anymore!

All in all, you dear, new IT girls, just trust your gut! And show your inside outside! Can’t go wrong with that! Go ahead and check out what else Doe’s got in store for you!

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