Lime Crime Cosmetics Overview

Lime crime cosmetics was founded in 2008 by Doe Deere who is the CEO of the company. All lime crime products are vegan and cruelty free. This means that they do not include animal ingredients or do any testing on animals. Your skin absorbs up to seventy percent of what is put on it, and animal tested products are a risk to human health. The benefits of vegan and cruelty free products are more beneficial for your skin, such as healing and soothing your skin.

This makeup company not only believes in vegan and cruelty free products but they also put out amazing products that you will fall in love with as well. For example they have eye shadow palettes that range from neutral colors to fun wild and bright colors. If your a mix of both neutral and wild colors then the Venus XL palette does just that for you with the color combinations.

The Venus XL palette offers you subtle shades with a pop of color and some shimmer colors to add a little drama. Each color in the Venus XL palette has its own unique name to it to make you feel and look like the creative artist you are. With every stroke of your makeup brush against this eye shadow palette you can mix and create your own color combinations. The packaging this makeup company has to offer is insane.

You can tell how much love, passion, and creativity is put into their products just from the amazing packaging they always have to offer. CEO Doe Deere truly shares a piece of herself with the world with her vegan and cruelty free products she has to offer. They are changing the makeup industry by saving animals in the fight for animal rights. They are saving our planet by producing products that avoid environmental waste. There are so many benefits from vegan and cruelty free products and Lime crime offers you all of that with amazing, pigmented, quality products.

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