Lime Crime Developing New Niche Products

A variety of holographic and metallic lipstick top coats have appeared in the beauty world and are fast becoming a trend. Using these products, individuals not only get to create a mythical persona for themselves but they bring new life to a person’s lips. It is a new brand in the fashion industry; their product is revolutionary. The name has set out to make a bold statement in the fashion world in a way on them can do best. The product has developed an incredible line of hue lipsticks that are vibrant. This new product follows the trend the company set when they developed its set of Diamond crusher collection that retails at $19.

It is now extending its range ofblue hair products with three new lipstick variety that will transform your lips appearance. These brands include; Black Unicorn which a bright oil slick hue, the Cleopatra that appears to be toned rose gold and Acid Fairy is favorite among Lime Crime’s fan waiting to try a mixture of flecks from lavender and mint. All this aside, for clients who wouldn’t be able to choose one of the new brands, Limecrime will avail to them the Black Unicorn bundle that will retail for $32. With this kit choosing a personal favorite wouldn’t be necessary.

Unlike recently made top coat launches, Lime crimes top coat is water based and shouldn’t be confused with gloss. They have managed to design a lipstick top coat that can be used on top of the ordinary lip gloss. Lime Crime’s top layers are not transferable so they can’t soil the wearer’s clothes.

This fall, the company is introducing new products to its Unicorn hair collection, the shades to be added are four; charcoal, dusty gray, sea witch and the mermaids tail green. These new shades can be used for full hair coverage, and the reason to develop them aren’t accidental. Lime Crime Is responding to a surge in demand for their products as their brand is creating a unique culture. These new hair dyes can be used by dark-haired individuals like brunettes.

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