Lime Crime Products You Need to Try

Way back in 2008 Doe Deere set out to create a makeup product that was not only long lasting but also bright, bold and fun. Originally Deere was looking for bright, fun colors that would match her fun playful fashion sense and personality however she found the makeup industry lacking in those unique bold colors. In a matter of just weeks Deere created and released her cosmetic line Lime Crime which is still one of the top leading cosmetic brands in the industry today.


Lime Crime offers a ton of different lip products as well as eyeliner and eyeshadow. Each product comes in a bold fun exotic color that make expressing yourself even more fun. Every product is not only bold and pigmented but is also long wearing as well as comfortable to wear.


There is a variety of different lip products to choose from and each offers their own unique look and feel. The Matte Velvetines are a deep rich pigmented liquid lipstick that goes on liquid but dries to a soft velvet finish. It is perfect for long days or even date nights as it is touch proof as well as kiss proof.


The metallic velvetines are also like a liquid lipstick however they do not dry Matte and instead leave a nice luxurious shine on the lips. They do not bleed or transfer and they are also touch proof. They come in a variety of colors and feel great on the lips.


The diamond Crushers lip line can be worn alone or over a liquid matte lipstick for even better results. The crushed Diamond line gives the appearance of shiny crushed diamonds on the lips. They’re iridescent and can be used on the lips as well as on the cheeks for a nice subtle highlight. The diamond Crushers will not bleed or run and should not be used on the eyes.


Each and every product that the company offers is not only unique but also fun and playful. The colors are bold and very long lasting in the formulas are smooth and Rich. Each Lime Crime product is widely available online and it’s also available and many select stores. discounts also offered for first time customers.

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