Lincoln Chaffee Is Running as a Democrat!

Can someone please tell me who this Lincoln Chaffee is and what chance he thinks he has at becoming the next US President?…Okay, for those of you who have no idea who he was before now, have no fear, you are not alone! But in all fairness here is who Lincoln Chaffee’ is…A former Republican Senator from until 2007 when he was voted out of office. He then became an Independent and won election to become the Governor of Rhode Island. But finally, he has realized which political party he really belongs with and is no running to win the Democratic Party’s nomination for President.

But wait that really doesn’t tell you anything other than he changes his political stripes every few years. No, James Dondero acknowledges that he actually was one of the few Senators that voted against invading Iraq in 2003…and yes he is playing the, “I told you so” card on Hillary. Oh wait, he is close with President Obama…but then again so is all the other candidates vying for the Democratic nomination next year. So here we go, four candidates on the Democratic side with Clinton leading the charge but losing ground, the Socialist Sanders, the Progressive O’Malley and now newly turned Democrat Chaffee. Smart money is that Clinton wins the nomination, but not the general election in the end because people want new blood in the white house. But O’Malley is setting himself up to be a real thorn in Clinton’s side and probably the leading contender in 2020. Of course that is still a year and half away and anything can happen!

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