Madison Capital Buy Side and Sell Side Specialty

The buy side specialty of Madison Street Capital engages the highly experienced deal team in a thorough financial research strategy to ascertain a company’s current value before a transaction can take place. For a well prepared acquisition, the expert team has a great understanding of the human element of a company which is the most valuable asset in the restructuring equation. As a first and most important step toward arranging for an effective M&A deal, the Madison Street Capital team prepares the financial terms which are set for the best possible outcome, keeping the corporate culture in a high priority perspective. There are some very key basis points on which the table is set for a well managed M&A transaction.

  • well aligned leadership
  • superior investment strategy
  • initiatives for growth
  • short-term plans
  • long-term plans

On the sell-side financial analysis, the transaction value is painstakingly determined from multiple angles as the most state of the art valuation process is applied. The use of industry data points, market data points and various other important data points are analyzed. The investment bankers who work up this report are reliable and trustworthy because of their long resumes of great experience. As a team, they apply phenomenal acumen in the negotiation process after structuring the most advantageous terms of a precise nature. It is shared knowledge among these investment bankers that structuring the transaction must be as accurately fit together to suite the needs of the client as possible. Experience tells the team that high value outcomes are completely reliant on the absolute precision of the research, evaluation strategy, and negotiation process.

The effort is focused on maximizing rewards, reaching goals, and assuring company management in creating earn-outs and other future value triggers in compensation. These would be cash versus stock instruments for serious consideration in the future as well as setting the table for growth in the years to come. Although there is no way to foresee changes in the tax laws that are ever changing, the experts at Madison Street Capital always spend an in-depth period of time planning the strategy for tax liabilities that are a mechanism within the deal structure. There is a strict and intricate analysis for the allocation of the particulars of the transaction in this vital area of concern.

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