Maggie Gill Showcases Her Prowess With Yet A Bigger Milestone

Maggie Gill has proved that professionalism in any career is indispensable and can take one places if the right effort is applied. Building a career from a low position to become an executive within less than 10 years is something many only live to dream about. But for Maggie Gill, this is the kind of life she has been through and all the achievements under her name are not as a result of favor or luck; she worked her way to becoming the successful healthcare executive she is.

One of the secrets she followed to land herself to the top of the chain is pursuing her passion and sacrificing everything to build her career. Maggie Gill invested more on learning and acquiring the resources that were necessary to help her get to the top. Unlike many whose focus is on the earning potential, she first narrowed down to getting the needed information and understanding the industry and how things are done. She now heads Memorial Health as the CEO and President and her ambitions are to take the company to other countries.



Through the life of Maggie Gill, she has placed value to education and this tells the reason she spent a long duration learning about the industry and getting the needed skills. Her graduation from the Arizona State University saw her get an honors degree, which motivated her to further pursue learning. Her next step was getting an MBA, which was made possible after joining the Saint Leo University, graduating with honors. All this success did not make her complacent as to ignore searching for more knowledge, but she enrolled at Wharton School for management and strategic thinking.



With all the qualifications and skills, many companies showed interest in working with her. She chose to join Tenet South Florida Health Facility, where she further gained skills and experience. Her role as the chief financial officer allowed her to interact with different departments of the institution, thereby acquiring new skills that would help her later in her career.

Following her achievements, she was awarded the Tenet Outstanding CFO award thrice. Several companies in the region also hired her services to help make their systems better. After working with Tenet for five years, she received an appointment to join Memorial Health in 2004. She worked as the deputy CEO until 2011 when she replaced the CEO and President of the company.

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