Marc Sparks Grows Businesses as Some People Grow Gardens

Most entrepreneurs consider themselves a success if they start one successful business. Some are successful at first, then fail when they start others. Marc Sparks has been launching companies since 1975.  Marc Sparks’s career proves you don’t need to go to college to become a highly successful businessperson.

Wikipedia published that Marc Sparks graduated from high school in Austin Texas as a C average student, and then he started his first business. He didn’t wait for a degree or Masters in Business Administration to validate him. He used the marketplace. He tells the entire story of his many successes (and some failures), and the lessons he learned from all of them, in his book They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success.

He’s had failures as well. He once once started an insurance holding company in his bedroom, built it into a company with a billion dollar market cap, and lost it all within a 90-day period.  He’s said that God seemed to have built him with a special shut-off valve so he just didn’t feel fear. Sometimes he wonders if there’s something wrong with him, though obviously not fearing failure — while working hard for success — has worked for him – Marc Sparks · Profile · Disqus.

With so much experience at launching new enterprises, it was only natural that in 2000 he launch Timber Creek Capital, a private equity firm that provides promising startup companies with the nurturance they need to succeed. This certainly includes capital, but not only capital, and not just the advice and guidance venture capital firms and angel investors traditionally give to the startup companies they invest in – They Can’t Eat You: Marc Sparks: 9780990495000.

Timber Creek provides office space, legal and accounting services, graphic design, banking, sales and marketing to the startup, all the generic infrastructure that can divert the business’s attention away from its core function.  His passion and enthusiasm and lack of fear carry over into another area of his life, international travel. He’s been to such out-of-the-way places as Easter Island, Machu Picchu, Agra India and Serengeti. He’s traveled around the world in 23 days.

He gets more ideas and inspiration from travel than any other way.  Some of the companies he has helped in the past or which are still in Timber Creek’s portfolio include GlobalTec Solutions, Splash Media, Reliant Healthcare, Cobalt Real Estate Services, Cardinal Telecom, Bonn Oir (makes handcrafted vodka) and Uncle Marc Food Delivery. That’s auite a variety of different industries: real estate, telecommunications, alcohol and healthcare.

Marc Sparks is also a great believer in the philosophy that when someone has received a lot, they owe a lot back. Since the late 1980s he has worked with The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter, Habitat for Humanity and the American Can Academy (a group of magnet schools). He set up a foundation, Sparky’s Kids, to help at-risk youth.

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