Mark Mofid Is Changing the Perspective On Gluteal Augmentation:

Dr. Mark Mofid of San Diego Skin is a leader in the cosmetic medical field of gluteal augmentation. He has been working tirelessly to erase some of the bad press that the industry has received in recent years due to the practices of some practitioners in the field. When Mark Mofid first entered the field of gluteal augmentation, his first impression was that there were many things that could be done better.

Mark Mofid saw that the implants being used in the gluteal augmentation industry were all lacking in how they actually conformed to human physiology and he thought he could do better by utilizing his deep knowledge of the human muscular system, skin system and body fat. This is where Mark Mofid’s years of study at Harvard and Johns Hopkins University paid off.

It has been an all too common occurrence of gluteal augmentation practitioners trying to make extra money off of their patients by indulging the patient’s desires for unnecessarily large implants. Mark Mofid utilizes the opposite approach and strives to simply provide patients with the implant that is the best for them and their body’s individual needs. This is the business practice that has earned Mark so much praise as well as the trust of his patients. 

Mark is currently welcoming new patients to his operation based in La Jolla, California. His reputation is solidly built on his commitment to innovation, research and safety. His primary concern is that his patients come out of the experience completely satisfied with the services provided. Mark also wants to be the practitioner who is associated with the constantly improving standards of the gluteal augmentation industry.

Mark has put all of this time and work into trying to develop superior gluteal implants because doing so makes business sense and he loves helping his patients. It is good business to innovate and have the cutting edge product that everyone wants and it is part of Mark’s character to want to provide his patients with the best. These efforts are paying off and making steady progress toward changing the perception of the gluteal augmentation industry.

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