MB2 Dental Changes the Way That Dental Offices Are Run

Dr. Chris Villanueva founded MB2 Dental because when he graduated from medical school, he realized that there were only a couple of options for dentist-join a large group practice, or start a private practice. He decided to create MB2 Dental because he realized that there wasn’t anything like it. There were only traditional dental practices which tended to be quite uninspiring. MB2 Dental puts doctors first, and that means that patients also get put first. If the dental office runs more smoothly, then the patient will ultimately get better care. There is much more to running a dental office than meets the eye and each task is an important one.MB2 Dental is dentist-owned firm that is focused primarily on personal growth, autonomy, support and is also about having fun. The firm helps dental practices to improve in areas that may be lacking and greatly benefits the patients that support them.

Dr. Chris Villanueva likes to surround himself with like-minded people, and he gets his best brainstorming done through collaboration with colleagues. He also does not take himself too seriously, and he tries to keep work light. He feels that if you have to work, you might as well enjoy it.He has learned from his experiences, and that includes some of his worst jobs. When he was right out of dental school, he worked at a dental office, and he observed how the behind-the-scenes structure run by an outsider could really affect the patient. MB2 Dental is very unique because it is not run by a non-clinician and it is progressive.

It is also a firm that is very in-tune to the needs of the dentist as well as the patient. It provides an environment where dentists can learn from one another and can have control over their own practice. It is a company that is technologically advanced and is made up of an expert team that helps dentist overcome any struggles that they may experience on their road to success. MB2 Dental is equipped to handle legal, HR, compliance, marketing, or payroll matters which takes a great and heavy burden off of the shoulders of the dentist. If the dentist is better able to focus on the needs of the patient, then the patient will get the full attention and focus that they require and deserve and the trip to the dentist will be a much better experience ultimately.

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