Medicare For All Gains Traction

Medicare-for-all, supported by around sixty percent of the American people, is winning Democrats primaries. And why wouldn’t it? A single-payer healthcare system is a no-brainer; you get sick, you get help and don’t go broke in the process. After all, how many more bankruptcies from medical expenses must we see before we guarantee healthcare to all, as a right?


Anyways, it’s about time that some Democrats took a stand and embraced true liberal policies for a change. Since the 1980s until the present day, true liberals like myself who want the Democrats to actually be a party of progressive values, have been given nothing but milquetoast neoliberalism. If the Democrats want to be the ones to do the winning, they have to keep running on true, left, policies. If they abandon their base in the 2018 midterms, like they did in the 2016 election, they will once again be humiliated.


Now that I’ve given you my blunt two cents on the Democratic Party, lets dig into the details and see where the Dems have been winning primaries by campaigning on single-payer healthcare.


In the 2nd district of Nevada, Sara Eastman, who openly embraces the idea of a single-payer healthcare system, beat a former congressman who even had the backing of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee!


In Pennsylvania, Scott Wallace and Susan Wild, two Democrats that agree on universal healthcare, won their House primaries.


In Texas, Gina Ortiz Jones received the Democratic nomination, and looks to put her positive stance on Medicare-for-all to good use when she battles current GOP rep. Will Hurd this November.


Also, Sean Casten, who in November will battle Republican Rep. Peter Roskam for his seat in Illinois’s sixth district, won his primary against Kelly Mazeski.


So primary season is underway, and smart, principled liberals are crushing their opponents. If these politicians who’ve won their primaries, and others like them, stick to their progressive principals, the 2018 midterms should be a cakewalk.

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