Meet Forbes’ top business professional; Peter Briger

Most people are of the opinion that experience is overrated. However, it is equally essential in comparison to other factors in anyone’s career. Peter Briger happens to enjoy two-decade expertise in real estate business, foreign investments, and loans. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Briger worked at Goldman Sachs for 15 years. There he held various leadership positions in many executive committees and also management roles. It is at Goldman Sachs that he gained vast knowledge about real estate and capital investments. He decided to become a partner before moving to Fortress in 2002 as a member of the Management Committee.

He worked his path up to becoming a member of the board of director in 2006 to being elected as the board’s co-chairperson in 2009. He is the head of real estate and credit management section in the company. Under his leadership, Fortress Investment Group has grown tremendously to become one of the best real estate investment company in the US. Its quarters are located in New York. Its clientele base includes institutions, corporate officials, and private groups among other. The company is reported to be managing assets worth around $70 billion. Peter Briger featured among top 400 wealthiest business professionals in 2007; he ranked 317th. Additionally, Peter is a part of the board of directors for Tipping Point, a charity organization that supports financially challenged residents across San Francisco.

Together with Provost Lee and Eisgruber Peter, Peter helped found Princeton University Investment Company at Princeton University. The primary objective of the organization was to encourage, grow entrepreneurship ideas among the alumni and students. It funded any creative idea with up to $100,000. Peter Briger is also involved in charity initiatives. He holds leadership roles at Silicon Valley Council, an organization in charge of funds going to children globally. He has invested millions in conserving central park.

Back in 2013, executives from Fortress and Well Fargo, a bank in San Francisco, met to discuss the possibility of introducing regulated Bitcoin exchange in the country. In the Meeting, Peter Briger emphasized the ways the initiative would benefit both parties. However, the process to make it happen was slow and hence paving the way for Wall Street to gradually grow and develop in the cryptocurrency business. Peter is an alumnus of Princeton University where he attained B.A and later attended the University of Pennsylvania where he earned a Masters of Business Administration.


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