Meet Nick Vertucci, the CEO, and Founder of NVREA

Nick Vertucci is a dedicated entrepreneur. He is the proprietor and chief executive officer of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA). Nick has a philosophy that for one to succeed you need to work hard as well as have the correct know-how.


Since its launching, the academy has become one of the popular educational programs in the nation. NVREA has assisted many students across the country to achieve their dream by learning how to invest in real estate.


Background Information


Nick Vertucci was brought up in a loving but not so well up family. Things changed for worse when his father died when he was aged ten. His mother had to work hard and for long hours to support Nick and his siblings. By the time Nick was eighteen years, he was living on his own in a van.


Life took an active turn for Nick after he started his venture of trading computer parts. The idea of being the boss was so appealing to him. He married and had three daughters. However, in 2000 after the dot-com crash, Nick lost all his finances. After that, Nick sunk into a financial crisis and lost virtually everything apart from his home.


After 18 months of financial problems, a friend invited Nick for a three-day training seminar on real estate. The training was a life-changing worthy event. He was inspired, rejuvenated and ready to change his poor financial situations. He faithfully continued training and studying. A decade later, Nick had learned enough on real estate to start a system that could fetch him money. He was able to succeed financially and vowed to train this system to other as well. Therefore, the idea of NVREA was born.


NV Real Estate Academy


Nick Vertucci learned that people have the drive and desire to invest but lacks the know-how. Through NVREA Nick assists many to transform resources from just an education to an active investment. His investment model and entrepreneurial skills are now transformed to all those seeking to succeed as real estate investors. Incorporated on January 2014 in Santa Ana, California, NVREA organizes seminars and training.


Nick Vertucci through NVREA has created a system that brings a solution to difficulties faced by real estate investors. NVREA covers areas like purchasing and holding of properties for long-term cash flows, commercial investments, wholesaling and flipping contracts, and asset protection. Also, they address issues like rehabbing and flipping properties as a way of creating wealth.

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