Michael Lacey Encourages Research at Georgia Tech

Michael Lacey has been a professor at Georgia Tech for more than twenty years. Starting in 1996, he has been a notable scholar and researcher throughout the state. He has even been recognized on an international level by both the Simons and Guggenheim Foundations. Lacey has been at the forefront of mathematical exploration and analysis for decades.

With numerous collaborations and co-authored papers, it is clear that Lacey has made significant progress for niche problems of all sizes. He has continued to grow both as a professor and research scientists while at Georgia Tech.

As a professor, Michael Lacey has made a lot of changes in the departments that he has been a part of. There have been various projects and initiatives led by Lacey in recent years. Some of the awards that he received have supported multiple students through their educational journeys too. Work with NSF in addition to the MCTP award have helped propagate students into the field and helped them complete postdoctoral research.

Michael Lacey has completed numerous academic research projects and has leveraged his knowledge to help students at the university. Mentorship in addition to research allocation for new endeavors are just some of the ways that Michael Lacey has improved learning outcomes and opportunities at Georgia Tech. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

He has also continued his specialized research interests in areas such as harmonic analysis as well as probability. Pure mathematics is of significant interest to Lacey and he has found solutions to a variety of problems over the past few decades.

His acumen has given him an incredible reputation in the academic community. Students and professors are impressed with his attentive and steadfast approach to longstanding issues in mathematics. Amongst the topics he has addressed are the laws of iterated logarithms and partial sum processes.

Empirical characteristic functions are just some of the topics that were illuminated by his intelligent application of research and analysis. Other topics he addressed include addressing the Lemma of Bourgain and estimating Bourgain’s Entropy Criteria. Limit laws, as well as weak convergence, are important topics of great significance in his ongoing research.

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