Michael Zomber Acquires Knife Used in Botched John Brown Assassination


PRNewswire just reported that Michael Zomber announced that he was in possession of the knife that might have been used in the assassination attempt of John Brown. John Brown was an abolitionist who believed that the only way to end slavery was through war. After the civil war ended, brown was tried for all his atrocities in the South and was hanged.

Michael Zomber is a modern day novelist and preserver of history. The knife that is now in his possession is one of the best artifacts from one of the darkest periods in American history. The knife features a spear point blade which is framed by a nickel handle that has an in-lay made of the mother of pearl. Michael Zomber states that he has always been an enthusiast for the ideologies that Brown passed around. He also added that he felt really honored to be in possession of something that was part of Brown’s personal history.

In addition to collecting these items, Michael is a novelist, with several books available on Kindle. He has two books in his name. Both books, ‘Sweet Betsy that’s me’ and ‘A son of Kentucky’, revolve around the civil war. The books are really popular, especially among people that love historical novels.

When Michael Zomber was asked whether the acquisition of these items is an indication that he has a John Brown novel in the pipeline, he simply stated that having the knife in his possession has got his creative juices flowing, but he did not clearly say that he was working on something

About Michael

As covered on his website, Michael Zomber is a graduate of the University of Illinois. He graduated with honors in his bachelors of English and psychology. He also attended UCLA where he attained his masters in English. His encouragement to write a novel came after his wife saw some of his screenplays and thought that they were really great. Michael has also been in possessions of weapons from other famous people namely George Washington and Simon Bolivar.

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