When it comes to celebrity impersonation, no one defines it better than Sergio Cortes. The Brazil-based artist has achieved success in a competitive area. His videos on YouTube videos have already clocked an incredible 1 billion views. He performs in sold-out shows across the globe and is a local celebrity in Brazil.
Sergio was born 44 years ago on 31st of July in Spain. His family is prominent by Spanish standards having seven other siblings. His upbringing was typical of Spanish households. From a young age, he showed striking physical similarity to Michael Jackson. At age five his elder brother brought him a tape of the Jackson 5.It was at this point that he started obsessively watching Michael Jackson. He learned to talk, walk and dance like MJ.As a teenager, he rocked MJ attire and grew out his hair. M.J. A journalist noticed him and hired him to play as a double.It was during Michaels wedding on Elvis Presley’s daughter.
It was after this that he became a full-time career double. From then onwards he has trained to perfection. He trains 4 hours a day daily and seeks to get the details to the minutest of deeds. He says it is hard work that pays off when performing. He also has an extremely professional management team. He has choreographers, backup dancers, singers and professional set team. The marketing and promotional team have seen him became immensely popular in Latin America. His selling point is his flawless performances that see many people confuse him for a reincarnation of the real king. He also performs songs Michael never played on stage live. This way he hopes the legacy of Michael will never fade. The old get to relive the glory days while the young get a chance to experience a rare opportunity.
The set of smooth criminal is the hardest to pull off. It requires a lot of practice and set skills. It is also his favorite set. He surprisingly has no favorite song from Jackson.

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Sergio Cortes lives in Brazil.He is known for his private and reclusive existence. His family visits regularly, and his brother has been seen acting has his back up. He is an avid doll and action figure collector. He is also has a pet Dog named Zaffy.He sometimes engages his 17000 followers on Facebook.

Source: R7.com

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