Michel Terpins describes the importance of his team to his career.

A brotherhood that has been turned into one of the most successful rally teams in the country is the real story of the Bull Sertoes rally team. This is a team that brought together Rodrigo Terpins and Michel Terpins. The brother’s names may sound familiar to Brazilians as the name Terpins is there Surname. Jack Terpins was a very successful basketball player I the early seventies and was well known all over the country. He played at a time when basketball was slowly becoming popular in the country and as such his following was huge. He would later hold numerous leadership positions in sports and non-sport related activities some that he still holds today despite being a successful businessman and real estate developer. His sons would follow in his footsteps, and this was something that Jacko was extremely proud of and supported immensely. When his younger son Michel Terpins joined the cross country championship in 2002, he was on hand to offer moral and financial support. The elder brother Rodrigo, on the other hand, opted to go straight into Rallying where he had developed his passion. His younger brother would, however, prove to be a formidable force in motocross and soon enough he was leading the pack as others followed. The success of Michel as a rider would attract the attention of Rodrigo who would soon prevail on him to join him in rallying. The brothers were good as a team before the rallying days, and it was thus a no-brainier that even in there rallying days they would become a good team. The Bull Sertoes rally team has not been a disappointment in as far as teamwork is concerned and as the results continue to trickle in from the various competitions that they take part in this success continues to be reflected. The team is very active in the T1 prototype category, and this was their category of choice during the 24th edition of the Sertoes rally. Michel Terpins had just brought in his new navigator Maykel Justo one of the best navigators in Brazil. This was soon to prove to be the right investment when they won the 2nd stage of the rally.

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