Michelle Obama Invokes Parenting Role in Critique of President Trump

For liberals and other Democrats who deeply miss the presidency of Barack Obama while Donald Trump occupies the White House, recent words from a high-profile figure have left them tantalized.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama subtly criticized President Trump by making reference to a strength she and her husband possess that is pretty much universally unassailable. She referred to President Obama as having been the “responsible parent,” suggesting that having President Trump in charge is like having a reckless parent leading a family.

The former First Lady avoided directly attacking the current chief executive very directly, but her metaphor was immediately obvious to many observers. In a more direct salvo, she referred to Hillary Clinton as having been the “best-qualified candidate” when compared to the other “alternatives.”

To some extent, Democrats get excited to just hear from the Obama family, particularly when it is somebody verbally attacking the current president. Even if such a thing does not substantively change anything, it is a relief for liberals to hear from the former occupants of the White House.

However, some liberals are closely watching every move that Michelle in particular makes given that she could launch a career in electoral politics of her own if she wanted to, and if she did, she could very well be successful. Her husband, of course, is term-limited.

After all, Hillary Clinton did not launch her career as a politician until around the time that her husband left the White House.

But if members of the Democratic Party think that Michelle Obama is ready for the presidency, they should remember that Hillary Clinton first became a U.S. senator from New York. She served a full term, was reelected, and then launched her first of two campaigns for the White House. After her first campaign, she served as secretary of state under President Obama.

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