Mobile Meth Lab Discovered in Wal-Mart Bathroom


Thursday night, Police found a mobile meth lab inside a Wal-Mart restroom in Indiana.

According to Dr Jennifer Walden, hidden in the men’s restroom, State Troopers discovered a backpack full of equipment and chemicals. Officers donned protective gear after smelling the strong chemical odors typically associated with the production of methamphetamine.

The active meth lab was dismantled by the Meth Suppression team, and the bathrooms decontaminated before being reopened to customers.

Muncie police say because meth ingredients have evolved and become easier to purchase over the years, people have changed how they produce it.

Another trend that has become critical is meth abusers looking to save money and trying to make the drug themselves. The internet offers precise instructions which have driven up the numbers for mobile meth labs.

Wal-Mart employees say they saw ‘a man’ near the restroom, but did not recognize him.

No arrests have been made as of yet.

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