More Democrats Calling for Impeachment

The list of top-level Democrats calling for Congress to take up impeachment continues to grow. Some of those Dems, like Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California, have been on board with impeachment for months, but with the testimony this week of former FBI Director James Comey, more and more members of the Democratic Party are making the call.


Tom Steyer, a wealthy environmental activist who has become one of the party’s top fundraisers, recently released a statement calling for lawmakers to address President Trump’s alleged obstruction of justice.


“The clear and undisputed facts about Mr. Trump’s attempt to impede an FBI investigation,” he wrote, “demand an immediate impeachment inquiry by the House of Representatives. The facts that we know already exceed standards for presidential impeachment for obstruction of justice set in 1974 and 1998.”


Steyer’s appeal is mostly to Republicans, as they are they majority in both houses of Congress. That appeal is unlikely to be heard, since both House and Senate Republican leadership also have a clear agenda – an agenda they have been moving forward on with votes regarding financial reform and healthcare in the last few weeks.


The letter does, however, add a more centrist Democrat to the group calling for impeachment articles to be addressed. So far, it has been the bluest of the blue who have suggested impeachment is on the table. It also puts pressure on potential Democratic candidates in the 2018 races to make their positions clear on the issue, especially if they want the support of Steyer’s political action committee.


The full text of his letter is available on HuffPo at this link.


In it, he lays out a pretty clear case, which, in his opinion, shows the president’s actions have risen to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors” as it says in the Constitution. Whether that will have any impact on Congressional Republicans is another matter. Even Democrats in Congress say they want to focus on other things.


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