Mueller’s Team Is Almost Ready For The Political Kickoff Of The Year. But It Won’t Happen Before The Midterm Elections.

You can bet Hollywood is chopping at its movie-making bit right now. After a year and a half of following the best-kept secret investigation that wasn’t all that secret, people are ready to hear what Mueller has to say about Donald Trump’s alleged pinky-pack with the Russians. And they want to know if Trump’s Napoleon-syndrome created obstruction of justice issues. Hollywood producers think this investigation could wind up as the reality show he never wanted to star in. And if that’s the case, a movie or a miniseries is just months away.

There’s no doubt. The Robert Mueller investigation is “On Fleak.” Seventeen indictments and some of those got directly to jail do not pass go indictments reach the top rung on Trump’s campaign ladder. According to an unknown source, Mueller is sharping his sentencing blade so he can slice a piece of incarceration pie, and give it to Michael Flynn soon.

The other part of this incredible investigation is Mueller’s team flipped some of Trump’s diet coke drinking buddies. Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, turned henchman, gave the team something to chew on it for a while. Paul Manafort cried, uncle. He threw enough Trumpian mud in the investigation road to make Trump’s witch hunt bus breakdown, according to some media reports.

The Democrats wanted Mueller to give the down and dirty facts his team carefully extracted from a plethora of sources before the midterm elections. But that’s not going to happen. Mueller knows how to deal with politicians. He knows what the stakes are in this game of global intrigue. Plus, according to a Bloomberg report, he may still be collecting evidence. But he better collect fast, according to the Bloomberg article. Jeff Sessions and Rob Rosenstein are on Donald Trump’s “You’re Fired” list after the election.” If a Trump underwear wearing attorney general takes over, Mueller’s 18 months on the job may end in a tweet.

But Trump promised he would let the witch hunt play out. In Trump terms, that means until he thinks it’s played out. Mueller knows a day or two after the midterm elections is the best time to kick this drama into high-gear.

When Mueller releases his findings he won’t suggest any form of action when it comes to dealing with Trump. That party of the story is in the hands of the House and the Senate. So even if the president gets a seat on the Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton’s unethical boat, he may only get his hands slapped by the lawmakers. But the damage to the family might give him another choice. That’s another reason Hollywood wants to turn this Trump-Mueller novel into a movie. It may be a chance to see Trump fire himself in front of millions of viewers around the world.


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