My New Hair With Wen by Chaz Dean

I have hair that is frankly problematic. It is very fine and it is very oily, which is a very difficult combination to deal with. I look at commercials about girls running around with their lovely soft hair blowing in the wind and i just feel frustrated at my inability to do anything with my lank, oily hair. I had pretty much given up, but then I heard about the hair products developed by Chaz Dean, called WEN hair by Chaz. I decided to give it a try.

I must saw the combination shampoo and conditioner products from Wen by Chaz all smell wonderful! They have several types sold on Sephora, like Fig or Cucumber or Lavender scents, but I chose the Amazon best selling Sweet Almond Mint as it suited my hair type. I followed the instructions and used a lot of product (a palm full) each day, for each treatment.

Within a couple of days my hair felt softer and lighter. Friends began to notice and compliment me. By the end of the day I was able to really style my hair, and it was very exciting! I feel like i’ve discovered a new me by using Wen hair by Chaz, and I want to continue using these products. I may even try some of the other scents, as they are all very fresh and natural.

It’s amazing having a new feeling in my hair, and a new feeling about myself. Thank you Wen by Chaz!

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