Nancy Pelosi May be Losing Control Over House Democrats

When the Congress debated the budget extension last week, Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi made history. For eight hours, Ms. Pelosi spoke in the House of Representatives. She read several letters from the so-called Dreamers. Ms. Pelosi wanted Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to make a commitment to her that the whole House would get the change to vote on immigration legislation.

Nancy Pelosi urged those in her party to vote against the budget extension if promises weren’t made. No promise was made by Speaker Ryan, yet many in the Democratic Party voted yes on the budget legislation.

This vote was seen by many as proof that Ms. Pelosi may be losing control over Democratic members of the House. Even though she made such an impassioned plea, many did not listen.

Over the past several months, younger Democratic Party members in the House have been calling for new leadership. In their opinion, the old guard needs to make room for new leaders that will bring fresh ideas and a different approach to accomplishing victories for the Democratic Party agenda.

Last year, Ms. Pelosi was challenged for her leadership position. However, the vote was in her favor. She maintained control as did many other members of the House leadership.

While some younger members of the House want new leadership, and others are also seeking diverse leadership as well, Nancy Pelosi shows no signs of abandoning her role as leader of House Democrats. It is well-known that she believes that her party will win enough seats in the mid-term elections to take back control of the House of Representatives. If they can, Nancy Pelosi will once again become the Speaker of the House. In order to take back control, Democrats need to turn over 24 seats from Republican to Democrat control.

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