Navigate the Rough Waters of Real-estate in New York City

While the effects of the housing bubble are still felt in the United States, buyers and sellers alike are still pressing forward in the rising real-estate markets.In places like NYC apartments for rent, many people are still overcome with uncertainty in a city of high rental costs and property values. With a vested interest in the housing market’s actions, many organizations are putting their best guess forward on how the market will behave. One such entity is The New York Daily News. The new’s outlet breaks down its own assumptions for the market into eight predictions for 2016. They are:

Interest rates and cooling prices will gradually rise.

Closing deals will be more complicated; but will still happen.

Buyers will take longer to make decisions.

The gap between realistic and unrealistic sellers will grow.

Buyers will focus more on prime locations.

Baby-boomers will continue to be an important part of the buying market.

Brooklyn buyers will be tempted by renting options.

Luxury condos numbers will continue to grow.



These predictions show that while people are interested in buying, they’re still cautious when making their decisions. Wanting the most information available for their purchasing decisions, many buyers utilize companies’ listing services to compare the best deals on the scene. Town Residential is a luxury real-estate service based in New York City, and specializes in the selling/leasing of luxury residential listings, retail locations, and developmental leasing.


In the brief, five years since its founding, Town Residential has asserted itself as a mainstay in the NYC real estate scene. The firm prides itself with a well rounded leadership team (specializing in each of the firm’s offerings) and convenient locations throughout New York City. Additionally, the firm’s commitment to individual has been demonstrated in it’s recognition as “Best Firm to Work For” & “Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City” by the city. With the market shifting in uncertain times, services like Town Residential ensure that you get the best for your money.


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