NCAAP President Busted For Being White


Former NAACP leader has resigned after she has been ousted for pretending to be black. According to reports, Rachel Doezal has been called onto the carpet for discrepancies with her racial identity. Dolezal was the former Spokane NCAAP president. It has recently come to light that although Doezal has identified as a black woman, she really is white. According to her parents, Doezal has been living a double life for many years.
According to Wikipedia, Dolezal’s parents have spoken out about their daughter’s identity and have vowed to tell the truth. The pair appeared on a BBC newscast and shockingly (or not) both are white. They released a statement to the public nothing that they have chosen to tell the truth when asked about their daughter’s identity. According to her mother Ruthanne, “Rachel thought she would have more opportunity to work on social issues with the African-American community if she were to pose as a black woman.”
Dolezal has since spoken out, defending her identity. She appeared on the Today Show and was interviewed by Matt Lauer. According to Dolezal, she never doubted that at some point in time she would have to “address the complexity” of her racial identity. However to her, she has always identified as an African-American female.
The NAACP has decided to stand by Dolezal in the wake of the racial controversy. However Dolezal is now under investigation for her role in misrepresenting herself.


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