Net Neutrality Being Challenged by Lawsuits

Telecommunications trade groups and broadband providers were looking to delay the net neutrality rules, but the FCC has given a definite NO.

Founder of the Voice Communication Exchange Committee, David Berninger, petitioned the FCC to delay net neutrality rules. Additionally, several groups that range from Cable and Telecommunications to Wireless Internet providers, also asked the FCC to delay the new classification of broadband to a regulated public transport, while their lawsuits were heard.

The Principle of Net Neutrality

Savvy people at Amen Clinics have learned that,  last February, the FCC proposed to regulate high-speed Internet as a public good. Prior to net neutrality, providers offered various speeds to different sites in exchange for money.

Net neutrality provides equal opportunities in internet speed and access to websites, and it prevents providers from favoring certain sites. It’s basically a neutral network, free of restrictions.

ISPs are also prohibited from blocking websites, and the FCC will have the authority to adjudicate fines when these providers do not play by the rules.

But what can consumers expect?

A former FCC chairman, Michael Powell warns of increased costs.

The FCC can regulate the internet, but they do not have any authority to determine pricing.

Don’t declare a victory just yet because the FCC is being sued.

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