Nevada GOP About To Do Something “Dangerous”?

The State Senate in Nevada is a 20 seat chamber that currently boasts of an 11-9 Democratic majority. To be more specific, there are ten Democrats and one Independent who caucuses with them. Some Republicans have had their eye on this and want to make a change. Are they going to try really hard to win back those seats in the next election? Yes, but they are hoping they don’t have to wait that long.

In a Huffington Post piece, a strategy by the Nevada GOP has been revealed. It turns out that they are willing to have recall elections held for two Democratic seats and for the seat held by the Independent as well. They want to get enough signatures to hold the recall elections and hopefully oust the current state Senators. If successful, they could flip the majority in the chamber back to the Republicans. However, many would see this as an illegitimate election and throw the power of the state Senate in Nevada into question.

The Republican Governor in Nevada has called the move “dangerous” and has cautioned against it. There has been no attempt to hide the partisan nature of the plan to remove the Democratic lawmakers. None of those lawmakers has been accused of wrongdoing, but that does not seem to matter to some within the Nevada GOP. They just want to see themselves back in power. They have been rather blatant about it as well. They have told voters that they could be back in power nearly immediately, and that they would be in power until the very important 2020 elections before which legislative lines are drawn.

If this were to actually happen, it could be seen as a coup of sorts to oust those who were duly elected at the last election. It would definitely be a radical experiment if it actually did happen. We will all have to hold our breath and see if the Nevada GOP is really ready to take this step.

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