New Information Unfolds In Stormy Daniels/Stephanie Clifford And Donald Trump Saga

Talk about Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels is arguably as big of a media buzz as Bill Clinton’s and Monica Lewinsky’s affair nearly twenty years ago. Even though no formal, proven confession is currently circulating news media circles, many believe that Stormy Daniels – real name Stephanie Clifford – wouldn’t have ever made such claims, or at least wouldn’t still be perpetuating them, if her alleged affair with Donald Trump during his current marriage was true.

Only time will tell, if it manages to squeeze any further truth out of news media buzz, though even more news about the fiasco is shaping up to support Clifford’s long-standing assertion – that such an affair did, in fact, take place while Trump and still-current wife Melania were married.

The Basics Of The Alleged Affair Between Clifford And Trump

Donald Trump is one of the best-known business moguls, who has undeniably built the public personality of high-flying, money-spending, you’re-fired Donald Trump himself.

He’s not exceptionally attractive, though he never was ugly. However, he’s certainly of older age, a characteristic that takes many men out of the running of sleeping with younger, more attractive women.

Clifford was quoted by In Touch in 2011 as saying “Whether you’re a fan of his or not, which I never really was, you gotta admit he’s pretty fascinating.” So that’s that.

While she doesn’t currently claim to have had an affair with Trump, she has in the past. What she hasn’t agreed to is rumors that Trump paid “hush money” in the realm of $130,000 to Clifford as part of a non-disclosure agreement.

What’s New In The Ordeal

Here’s the newest update: according to Ruth Marcus of The Washington Post, Donald J. Trump required senior White House aides to sign nondisclosure agreements that run many years into the future, well past his presidency, even if he does get reelected.

Wonder what that’s all about?

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