Newark’s CEDC Re-Opens With New Purpose

The city of Newark has much to smile about in the wake the reopening of the Community Economic Development Corporation. Now that the corporation has been revamped and completely restructured, the people of Newark will finally reap the benefits of its intended purpose.

Formerly known as Brick City Community Development, the corporation was closed for three years to regroup. The company was initially founded in 2007 as a means to serve Newarks’s more than 20 diverse neighborhoods to attract growth, business opportunity and jobs. A great deal of money was invested into the city, but the new board of directors believe they can do much better. The company will still collaborate with Housing and Urban Development to spur even more growth.

Kevin Seawright is a new and highly-qualified staff member that was recently brought on board. He has over a decade of financial management experience and brings a proven track record of successes to the table. NJBiz said that Seawright implemented a new accounting system which saved the Baltimore Commission on Aging and Retirement over $100,000. He has worked directly with many state and federal agencies to make them more efficient.

The city is hoping that the agency’s reorganization will usher in an era of new and improved changes. Director Baye Adolpho-Wilson says in the interest of fairness, everything will be transparent. “The goal is the city’s continued prosperity,” says Adolpho-Wilson.

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