NGP VAN Continues to Help Progressive Causes

NGP VAN, a software company based in Washington D.C, which creates digital tools and platforms for Democratic Party and progressive causes, continues to provide key assistance in the upcoming 2018 elections with their proven tools. The company provided key tools for the Obama campaigns in 2008 and 2012, helping to usher in an era of more efficient and effective data analysis for campaigns and get out the vote initiatives.


As technology and data become more important in elections that hinge on every voter coming to the polls, NGP VAN has been at the forefront of these efforts since 1997. This culminated in the 2008 election, which saw a campaign that took digital efforts seriously bring out 14 million additional voters and Barack Obama elected president. Their efforts continue to allow more focused campaign efforts that can yield more votes, relying on fewer people and more data instead.


The technological advances that NGP VAN has been at the forefront of have allowed for more focused and effective canvassing efforts. The days of mass mailers and manpower intensive door to door operations that have uncertain results are over. Large datasets can be easily and clearly visualized to help make import campaign decisions fast. NGP VAN launched a new tool in spring of 2018 called MiniVAN, which makes it easier for canvassers to reach critical voters faster and collect important data to help future campaigns.


Just as TV, radio, and mass mailers before it had transformational effects on how political campaigns were conducted during the 20th-century digital tools, data analytics and social media continue to transform how elections are won and lost in the 21st century. As the 2018 midterm campaigns begin to take shape, the tools that NGP VAN fields may be able to help leverage electoral wins for both Democrats and progressive causes this November.

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