Nick Vertucci Is Showing People How Real Estate Deals Can Unlock Real Profits In Life

When you’re not finding the career opportunities you really want, sometimes you have to make them happen, and that’s what is being done at the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. The academy is a seminar that entrepreneur Nick Vertucci started several years ago to share the discoveries he made as a real estate buyer and flipper over the 14 years he’s been in it. The attendees of this program come from all over the US and from diverse business backgrounds to make their dreams happen. Some have previous experience in construction and development, but others come from careers with no financial experience at all. What the NVREA teaches is that it’s really just a matter of getting the financing needing to start because once you do, the rest is straightforward.

Nick Vertucci got into real estate to escape poverty and debt once and for all. He grew up in southern California to a family that was loving and caring but didn’t have much money. He went through several hard times as a young man from losing his father and eventually having to live out of a car. When he started a computer parts sales business in the early 90s, things turned around and he bought a home for his family and lived a good life. But when the dot-com crash and recession of 2000 happened, Vertucci’s business went under and debt nearly overcame him. But he made a decision in 2001 that changed his course once and for all.

Nick Vertucci heard about a real estate seminar that year that he was skeptical about attending, but the speaker explained things about it that made him decide to take a risk on it. He was amazed when he flipped his first property and saw it sell just as that seminar had said he could. He kept on buying properties from rental units and condos to full large family homes. Vertucci then started the NVREA so that he could share his story and change others’ lives.

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