Nick Vertucci Law Enforcement Officer Turned Real Estate Investor and Author

Nick Vertucci is the founder of NV real estate firm, a firm that has multiple operations across the US. Besides investing in real estate, the investor has also written extensively on entrepreneurship to encourage both upcoming and experienced investors. He recently launched his new book titled ‘Seven Figure Decisions,’ which seeks to offer anyone aspiring to venture into business power to succeed.

In his latest book, the investor shares his personal challenges and also explains in-depth his own principles in real estate investment. He narrates how he implemented these principles and gained both entrepreneurial freedom and financial wealth. His primary message to entrepreneurs is that one doesn’t become successful and rich by merely playing safe. He then outlines the principles entrepreneurs should have to become millionaires. In his book, Vertucci elaborates some of the aspects that have made him successful. More specifically, he explains some of the critical lessons he has learned so far. He further articulates how investors can implement change to fix their past mistakes. His new book has received an endorsement from Kevin Harrington, a popular business executive, and a shrewd American entrepreneur. Despite not having an education or money, Nick has made a fortune in today’s tech industry. Unfortunately, the entrepreneur lost it all, but luckily started over and found his way back to entrepreneurship. Shortly after, he made a fortune yet again. As such, Nick encourages anyone that is striving to be a millionaire to listen to someone who has lost it all and then made a fortune afterward. His new book already has great reviews from readers, with some readers noting how motivating the book is.

Presently, Nick owns NV Real Estate despite hailing from a very humble background. The firm has offices across the US, including Nevada and California. It is among the fastest growing real estate outlets for real estate advisory and education. The entrepreneur derives his passion from his interest in real estate. Nick has been teaching interested groups and individuals on ways of gaining their financial freedom. Nick Vertucci served as a law enforcement officer for 18 years, whereby he was involved in saving lives. But today, the real estate professional teaches people on how to improve their financial lives as real estate investors. Nick offers his seminar named Flip with Nick, which seeks to explain investors keen on making revenue from investing in real estate how to succeed.


Nick Vertucci is a perfect example of a law enforcement officer turned real estate investor and author. He has fully committed his energy and time to help both novice and experienced real estate investors.

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