No, Morgan Freeman Did Not Say To Jail Hillary

When Hillary Clinton reached the high point of her Presidential Campaign at the Democratic National Convention, she had the support of millions of potential voters and countless powerful people from politicians to musicians to actors. During her introduction video just prior to her acceptance speech for the nomination, her life story was narrated by Morgan Freeman. It was if God Himself had touched down to give his stamp of approval for Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately for her, the election did not go her way and the GOP secured the White House.

Since then, Morgan Freeman has called for the President to jail Hillary so as to prove no one is above the law. The only thing is that he never actually said that.

Since late 2017, a fake article from YourNewsWire has circulated claiming that Freeman told a crowd that he believes that Hillary should be put in prison. According to the article, Freeman told a crowd that the former Secretary of State should go to prison for her “unlawful deeds” as it would be the only thing that would restore people’s trust in the government. The article quotes Freeman as imploring President Trump to “lock that bitch up!” The article was picked up by conservative blog Gateway Pundit and actor James Woods who approvingly shared the article on Twitter before deleting the post later.

After its initial posting in October of last year, the article resurfaced after being posted again on the YourNewsWire Facebook page. The article then was shared by multiple pro-conservative groups and resumed life again. YourNewsWire is a common source of fake news and conspiracy theories of a conservative bent. Though Facebook has recently adjusted their algorithms to better detect and stamp out fake news, the article managed to slip through the cracks. The situation is simply the latest in the fight against disinformation and fake news that has plagued social media and the internet at large since the beginning days of the 2016 election.

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