Nonito Donaire Jr. and Greg Secker Foundation Turn Over 100 Homes to Typhoon Haiyan Victims

In 2013, most parts of southeast Asia including the Philippines were rocked by one of the strongest and most devastating tropical cyclones in recent history leaving behind a trail of havoc and death especially in an area known as Iloilo in the Philippines. Amongst the hundreds of thousands of families affected was a family friend to Mr. Greg Secker, a very successful English businessman who is especially known for his big heart because he is always ready and willing to give especially in times of dire need.

When Mr. Secker learned of this tragedy he quickly moved in to help whichever way he could. They realized the most pressing need was rebuilding homes. After having finished the family friend’s home, they realized that much was still needed to be done and they could use their networks in business and elsewhere to help fundraise and build more homes for the victims and therefore the ‘Build A House, Build A Home Initiative’ was born.

One of those partners is world boxing star Mr. Nonito Donaire Jr. who recently flew into the Philippines to turn over more than hundred homes built together with the Greg Secker Foundation to Typhoon Haiyan victims. This will go a long way in helping them rebuild their lives. It should also be remembered that for Mr. Donaire Jr. this is not the first time he is engaging in such a noble cause particularly in the Philippines because in 2009, while he was starting out as a career boxer, he also donated ₱ 1,000,000 to one of the programs that was engaged in the process of rebuilding houses for tropical storm Ondoy victims. This is one of the reasons he has made it one of his personal missions to help sensitize fellow boxers to be more involved in such causes.

About Greg Secker

Mr. Greg Secker is one blessed individual who managed to attain multi-millionaire status while he was in his twenties. He has also managed to be successful in entrepreneurship, international speaking, and philanthropy while at the same time running a number of organizations including Capital Index, Learn To Trade, SmartCharts Software, and the Greg Secker Foundation.

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