North Korea Becomes a Target for Thor Halvorssen

It is often difficult to see how the human rights activist Thor Halvorssen finds the time to complete all the activities he currently has on his list of priorities, which range from fighting the regime in North Korea to the status of his next movie project. Taking on the fight for all those around the world who are stranded in difficult situations where their human rights have been taken away by tyrants who are now facing the wrath of Thor Halvorssen; the Venezuelan born human rights activist has decided to take on the North Korean regime as he feels this is the key battle for the people of the free world to undertake in the 21st century.

Thor Halvorssen has been at the heart of the battle against North Korea for many years through his work with the Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum, both of which were established by Thor. In supporting individuals and groups fighting the North Korean regime, Thor Halvorssen believes the more than three million North Korean citizens who died in a 1990s famine and over 200,000 people transported to prison camps deserve to be fought for by western leaders. Click here to watch video.

Thor Halvorssen has found many different ways of continuing the fight against totalitarian regimes, particularly through the use of his movie work as an acclaimed producer. Halvorssen has produced documentaries with a focus on human rights, such as “The Singing Revolution” that details the popular uprising in Estonia that brought an end to Soviet rule.

In developing The Moving Picture Institute, Thor Halvorssen has made it simpler for individuals to develop their own films based on human rights experiences in different nations; the Institute has been a major source of funding for many groups who feel they would like to make films about human rights stories but lack the skills or experience to find regular funding.

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