North Korean Internet Taken Away for Misbehavior

Just who, speculates Sam Tabar and the world,  is exactly to blame (I mean Thank) for turning off North Korea’s internet service? An article on the website describes the criticism, threats, and hacking  that has been done against Sony. All of it done in response to the production company making the movie “The Interview” where two reporters fictitiously kill the North Korean dictator many are saying it serves them right. What is blatantly obvious is that the people in charge of North Korea have no real sense of humor. There internet service being taken down for some 10 hours could possibly have been the US government putting a wayward child in timeout for a few hours. Really it kind of works, as a way of saying look here you are acting like the angry little chi-wa-wa that is about to get kicked across the yard now stop misbehaving!

Of course it could have been a hacker that was hired by Sony, to take the needed revenge. If so good on them but they shouldn’t have cancelled the showing of their picture if they were going to pull a stunt like that. So really it probably was not them. This leaves the Country of China, which is where the internet comes from for the communist cut-off from the world dictatorship. It would be a smart play for the country since many Sony products are made and sold through their country and an attack on their economy would not be taken lightly.

One thought on “North Korean Internet Taken Away for Misbehavior

  • July 7, 2017 at 8:01 am

    I think the Internet infrastructure is controlled by the United States of America and they can do what ever they like. Okay go one to rushmypapers org and you can see why we do the work we do with Internet. One day the North Korea could have Internet 2, 3 or even 4 to have their own communication but it will be localized.

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