North Korea’s Internet Connection Goes Black, Days After They Were Blamed for Sony Hack in the United States

Just days after the FBI released a statement suggesting that North Korea was behind the Sony hack earlier this month, as reported at, North Korea’s internet went down across the country. Internet connectivity in the nation had been in and out over a period of 24 hours before completely collapsing. Tom Rothman, and some experts suggested a massive cyberattack on the nation was to blame for the outage.

The nations internet connectivity is limited to begin with, running off of just a handful of servers and only showing about 5,500 websites. Experts argue that while maintenance problems were initially blamed for the outage, a prolonged outage of all of North Korea’s internet connection was consistent with a Ddos attack, or a cyberattack by hackers that pulls routers offline.

The outage, which lasted for over 9 hours, came just days after President Obama promised a proportional response to the attack on Sony. China may also be involved in North Korea’s outage, as well, as the countries connections are routed through China.

While no party has yet to take responsibility for the outage, many critics argue that North Korea may not have been to blame for the Sony hack. Experts argue that the infrastructure currently in place in North Korea would not be able to handle the load that the Sony attack would have required.

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