Northern Brazilian Village Has An Unusually High Rate Of Dwarfism.

The Rural Village Of Itabaianinha, In Northern Brazil, Is Known As The City Of Dwarfs

Medical researchers have known for some time that a lack of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in the body is responsible for Dwarfism. Dwarfism is caused by a genetic code defect that stops HGH production before it normally slows down. Researchers from John Hopkins discovered a community in Brazil that has a high rate of dwarfism and they began a study in the 1990s to understand why the village has so many dwarfs.

The researchers wanted to know how dwarfism impacts life longevity and how long the off-springs of dwarfs live. A number of children conceived by dwarfs are not born with dwarfism, so the study set out to measure longevity in both generations. HGH has been credited with increasing human longevity, and this study could verify that premise.

Sam Tabar has found that the study proved one thing. The old belief that dwarfs don’t live as long as normal size people was disproved by the study. Dwarfs do live as long as people with higher levels of HGH in their bloodstream. The study is ongoing. The researchers also want identify the cause of the high number of dwarf cases in the village.

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