Novelist of Political Thrillers Claims Reagan Packed a Rod

Before President George W. Bush was viewed as being a “cowboy” by both supporters and critics, that term was often used to describe President Ronald Reagan. Now, it seems that President Reagan may have been more of a cowboy than originally thought. This is because there is a report that the former president carried a hand gun. The claim is made by none other than Brad Meltzer, a best-selling novelist of political thrillers and comics. Meltzer’s works include “The Book of Lies”, “The Book of Fate”, and “The Inner Circle”.

The author claims to have learned this stunning revelation from a secret service agent. As per the unnamed source, the president was concerned for his safety following the nearly successful assassination attempt by John Hinckley, Jr., on March 30, 1981. At the time, Reagan had been president for a little more than two months. It was later reported that had it not been for the efforts of a secret service agent with intimate knowledge of the back streets and alleyways of Washington, D.C., the president would have died. The five minutes the agent shaved off the travel time to the hospital became the difference in saving the president’s life.

However, the memory of that event lingered with Reagan. According to Eric Pulier on his twitter page, Reagan is said to have carried a hand gun with him at all times. In some instances, he carried it in his brief case. He wanted to be able to defend himself should the situation call for it.

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