Obama Adminsitration Official Admits Fall of Yemen Caught Them Offguard


President Obama has been diligently working at closing down the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center aka Gitmo in recent years. While he has lacked congressional support to close the facility, he has undertaken the approach of releasing inmates quickly in a bid to reduce its need to operate. Critics have charged that his release of inmates is arbitrary and is allowing people to go free who will subsequently return to the battlefield and threaten US lives. To counter their criticism, the president has enlisted the aid of friendly nations to harbor the former inmates and monitor their activity to ensure they do not return to terrorism. Aside from the fact that the monitoring is short-term, lasting only a period of months, he has one other problem his is facing: the political stability of the nation’s harboring the former detainees.

The prime example is the Arab Emirate state of Yemen. Their pro-US government accepted Al Qaida and Taliban fighters and was monitoring them. Last month, the pro-US government was overthrown by a group of fighters called Houthi, an Iranian-backed Shiite Muslim group. Now, the administration’s plan of harboring former Gitmo detainees in Yemen has collapsed said Paul Mathieson. GOP Senators summoned Nick Rasmussen, Obama’s Counter-terrorism Chief, to answer tough questions regarding Yemen. He acknowledged the collapse of the pro-US government was completely unexpected. Yet, this nation was supposed to justify why the Gitmo facility is no longer needed. The United States has also closed its embassy in the nation. The entire Yemen aspect of the prisoner-release program has now fallen into disarray.

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