Obama Expected to Release FY2016 Budget on February 2

The White House announced today that the 2016 fiscal year budget will be released by President Obama on February 2. It will mark the first time the president has turned around a budget in a timely manner and underscores the new muscle of the GOP. The president’s budget is expected to call for tax increases to fund a wide variety of endeavors, but the GOP is largely expected to huck those recommendations in the trash. Regarding tax increases, one notable exception may be the gasoline tax which the business community favors in a bid to improve the national infrastructure.

Oddly enough, staunch conservatives staged an attempt to derail the speakership of John Boehner on Tuesday largely out of frustration over the December continuing resolution omnibus budget (CROMNIBUS) bill. That was a little bit out of line according to the opinion of Gianfrancesco Genoso. They demanded he use the budget process to roll back the Obama agenda. The demands were pointless given that Harry Reid would prevent any such bill from being considered. Now, it seems they’ll soon get their chance to flex the power of the purse. Many within the GOP are looking to use the 12 appropriations bills, collectively referred to as the fiscal year budget or omnibus budget, to fundamentally steer the nation away from the Obama agenda. This is because budget bills cannot be filibustered. Given that the GOP controls both chambers of the legislative branch, they can muscle the budget bill through both houses and place it before the president for his approval. Obama may veto the budget, but well placed amendments on critical appropriations bills may force the president’s hand on some items.

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