Obama Should Veto This GOP Healthcare Law

Reporting through Mother Jones suggests that the GOP’s effort to repeal Obamacare would completely obliterate heath insurance for one and half million Americans. The new Congress, supposes the article, would do this through raising the hours required for workers to be full-time employees from thirty to forty hours per week.
This method to obliterate Obamacare does not aid any worker. Obama should veto the bill immediately: the bill fosters underemployment, and thus is terrible for the economy.

Foremost, this bill is terrible for the economy due to an increase in people’s cost of living. Citizens, if this bill is passed, will face an indirect increase in the cost of living due to a loss in income. A loss in hours will cause their lowered income, and employers will not replace them. They do not want to be forced to buy health insurance if their employees work forty hours per week, according to Igor Cornelsen. To extend employees’ work hours to forty hours would mean that employers would have less discretion when giving their workers more hours, and thus would keep workers part-time to avoid paying for employee health insurance. Additionally, once the law is passed, the employers would be forced to pay more out of pocket for health insurance instead of supporting their workers. Supporting their workers is what employers should do if employees do good work for them, yet this law undermines this concept.

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